Pekka Haavisto

Pekka Haavisto is a Member of Finnish Parliament (1987-1995, 2007-). He has twice served as a minister. Haavisto was the first green minister in Europe, as a Minister for Environment and Development in Lipponen’s first government (1995-1999). He has also recently served as a Minister for Development and State Ownership in Katainen-Stubb government (2013-2014).

Haavisto has acted as the Chairperson of the Finnish Greens (1993-1995) and as the Chairperson of the European Green Party (2000-2006).

In autumn 2014 he was appointed as Foreign Minister’s Special Representative for African Crises. Before he has worked as the European Union Special Representative (EUSR) in Sudan and Darfur (2005-2007), and as a Special Advisor for the UN (ASG) in Darfur peace process (2007). He has also led several missions to conflict areas as the Chairman of UNEP’s post-conflict work in 1999-2005.

Mr. Haavisto was a presidential candidate in 2012, running against Mr. Sauli Niinistö, who eventually won the election, in the second round of voting.

He lives in a registered partnership with Mr. Antonio Flores from Ecuador.